"Enough Really Is Enough made me laugh and cry in equal measure. It hit so many chords for me and reaffirmed my faith in the Sisterhood. It also gave me hope that, at whatever age you are, living life and falling in love can happen"

Dawn Turner


"Enough Really Is Enough is an enthralling tale of the life and loves of Lucie who, supported by her many friends bounces back from a very bruising love affair."

Alan Bedford


“I felt a real connection to Lucie Hunter. Her trials and tribulations, having to rebuild her life, struck a major chord. But her passion and love for food, cooking and men makes this a thoroughly delicious read.”

Ali Buxton


“Any woman of a ‘certain age’, having experienced the highs and lows of life and loves will understand what Lucie goes through in her turbulent year. I found it funny and moving. I think many women will find it gives them hope, because their next adventure could be just around the corner.”

Kate Harrison


“This is a courageous story which speaks for all women who refuse to let life pass them by. Vivien’s debut novel charts, with devastating honesty, one woman’s journey through emotional hell and out the other side. Live with Lucie, laugh with Lucie, love with Lucie, eat with Lucie - she will become a part of your life!”

Patsy Spiller


“Lucie has a dilemma. Should she stay with the man who doesn’t make her feel wanted? Is this as good as it gets? It’s a dilemma with will resonate with women over a certain age’. It’s only when the decision is made for her that she learns to live and love again.”

Caroline Day